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"At your front door"

At Your Front Door

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About Regal Brass Services
Regal Brass was started in 2011 by Augustine "Augie" Rosales. Born and raised  in Austin, he remembers when Austin was just a small town where sites were unknown but cool spots to hang out at. And when roads were back roads country.  Having spent his elementary years in the city and finishing the rest of his school out in the out skirts of town at Del Valle then Manor, Augustine has always been proud to call this town home. 

After high school and serving the military, Augustine relocated to Houston to attend Art school and begin a childhood dream of playing music. Eventually his passion turned more toward playing music and less in Art studies. He dropped out of Art school and took on odd jobs all in hopes to play music as a career. It was at the same time through mutual friends he was introduced to metal refinishing. And thus began a lasting appreciation and experience in learning that it too was not only a skill but ironically an Art. 

His music days are passed him now with great memories and his devotion to new beginnings where upon returning to Austin and establishing Regal Brass, Augustine's commitment is to always provide to the best service to every customer. 
"At your front door"